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Current News

MRDC, continues to support the land claim implementation through sustainable development and new project initiatives. MRDC continues to support beneficiary developments such scholarships, summer student employment programs. With the support through Arctic sovereignty MRDC foresees a prosperous delivery economic programming and infrastructure developments.

With recent elections and strategic sessions provides the MRDC management with a supported mandate for growth in all sector of the regions economy, some of the projects are highlighted below.

Project Updates

1)   The bear River bridge is a potential project within the municipal community boundaries, having an estimated budget of 65 million would generate third party economic growth for beneficiary service suppliers of the community. The viability of funding assessments are still underway for the construction of this important infrastructure needed to link the Mackenzie Valley Highway, potential looks favorable considering the Government still maintains construction permits.

2)   The Mackenzie Valley Highway, recent Federal commitments for the Tuktoyuktuk Inuvik all-weather road provides communities along the ROW confidence that the remaining 800 kilometers will soon be built linking all Mackenzie communities to southern sources and providing sustainable long term employment and business opportunities for extended maintenance and exploration activities.

3)   In April 2010, the District signed a milestone agreement with Selwyn Chihong Mining company with the Tulita traditions area which provides annual opportunities in all areas of the Mine developments, it is expected this site has a mine life of 30 years.

4)   As like many other businesses and Land Claim sections of the Mackenzie Gas Project ROW communities, MRDC continues to support and monitor the progress made by the MGP Proponents, recent land exploration rights issuance show confidence that Industry is optimistic and major regulatory hurdles overcomed by the project will be realized in forth-coming years.