Mackay Range Development Corporation


Mackay Range Development CorporationMacKay Range realizes the potential and the richness of Canada’s North.

Act as a liaison between the Beneficiary Corporations for the Tulita Dene and businesses looking to work in the Sahtu Region.

Ensure that the business opportunities of the region are recognized and acted on - as to ensure local involvement and economic benefit.

Actively seek out business partners in every field connected to our land, resources and most importantly - its people.

Assist in ensuring that a strong labour force is available, partnering with International, National, Territorial and Local Businesses to locate human resources, equipment and local knowledge from our home and backyard.

Collaborate and educate so that our business partners understand and work within the terms of the Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMCLCA).

Consult on Impact and Benefit Agreements to ensure both parties have prior and reasonable expectations.


In July 1993, the Sahtu Dene and Métis approved the Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMCLCA), which was subsequently approved by the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories. This agreement was signed in Tulita on September 6, 1993, and came into effect June 23, 1994.

After the Sahtu Dene and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMLCA) came into effect, the Tulita Dene established the Tulita Land Corporation and the Tulita Financial Corporation to administer their rights and implement their vision. In essence, these organizations are collectively held by the Dene beneficiaries of Tulita.

MacKay Range Development Corporation is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Tulita Land Corporation. It maintains its own Board of Directors, Officers and Employees to pursue business opportunities presented to Tulita Dene within the Sahtu Region and elsewhere.

At MacKay Range, we seek out and work with reputable business partners who share our vision of the North and the Sahtu Region. We pride ourselves on being innovative in our business approach by seeking a balance between local involvement and benefit and overall viability and profitability of each enterprise.