Mackay Range Development Corporation


Mackay Range Oilfield ServicesMacKay Range Development Corporation has created a division called MacKay Range Industry Services to specifically fulfill related opportunities. Our Strategic Partnerships are proven and experienced companies and together we are able to market oilfield mining and public transportation, products and services in the Sahtu Settlement Region and Tulita District.

Partner List

BJ Services Company Canada
Drilling Completions
Borek Road & Oilfield Construction
Sleigh Camp and Equipment
Challenger Geomatics Ltd.
Land Specialists; Surveying, Mapping & Photogrammetry
HSE Integrated Ltd.
Industrial Safety Services Provider
Mackay Expediting and Logistics
Expediting and Logistics
Newpark Drilling Fluids
A Division of Newpark Canada Inc.
Drilling Fluid Supplier
Weatherford Canada Partnership
Drilling-Well Services
Yamoria Geophysical Ltd.
c/o Veritas DGC Land
Seismic Acquisition Services